Callous? Yeah that’s me.

The feeling of betrayal still haunts the shit out of me.
I don’t know if you’ll understand what I’m trying to say because you probably gave up too early to suffer the way I did. You give someone everything that’s humanly possible to give, and you get back shit and lies and hidden stories, you’ll fuck the person inside out right? But what if you keep it inside for years and tolerate all the bullshit because you’re too weak to walk away.
It wasn’t my fault right? So if I walk away I’ll expect you to come back to me with an apology, but no you’re too proud to do that, so I came back to you, giving you another chance to undo what you did. Yet again, what did I get out of being the nice one? You gave me these dark circles and dysthymia.
I don’t want your love anymore, you owe me much more than that, I want you to fucking cry and beg me for an apology and shed tears for years and even after all this I’ll let my middle finger greet you because that’s what a wretched bitch deserves.
Hey guys you wanted me to come out strong right? Here I am strong as fuck, but don’t you dare call me evil because that’s what you made me.
Hold yourself responsible for what I am today and fucking die, because I’m in a better place, living my life the way I was supposed to and getting what I deserve.
I’m happy, life’s good.
I have some bad memories at times because you didn’t damage my brain enough to wipe off my memory, but at least you gave me the strength to deal with them the way I just did.


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